Down for Maintenance.



Our company is assertive about high quality manufacturing and timely response to customers’ demands with the wide machine park and qualified personnel.

We are proud of serving our valued customers with our qualified employees and ability to print hundreds of thousands of square meters per month.

We are always one step ahead by means of the machines capable of making repeat printing at 320 cm wide especially within our constitution.

We have the machines able to make printing on lycra elastic fabrics so we can therefore solve the problems of our customers.

Our solution-oriented company provides service of contract printing for the fabrics brought by the customers in accordance with their requests and enables them to procure the fabric of the required product from our company and receive the printed fabric as being manufactured.

It is important for the machine park to be wide especially in repeat digital printing operations. However, it is absolutely not enough because the company should also have the operators suitable for machine park, the patterns should be perfectly processed by the expert designers and finally the quality control should be performed for the customer satisfaction. Our company has fully equipped structure in the matters mentioned above.

Our first priority in production is human health. For this reason, we prefer the paints that are not harmful to human health and do not contain carcinogenic substances.

If you want to receive high quality service in a fast way and at reasonable prices, you are in the right place. Please contact us.