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We make cut-piece and repeat printing on jute-backed and polyester pile carpets which have been seriously demanded in recent times.

The digital printed carpets that bring innovation to the houses are produced with different colors and designs by our company.

We have various designs in different sizes to be used on aisle carpets and in the guest rooms, bedrooms and kid’s rooms.

By way of digital printing method, we print the required color and pattern on carpets cut into pieces and roll carpets as well.

During fabric formation or after lamination, we make printing on carpets which are processed by being transformed from materials such as woven or knitted velvet and colt feather via lamination and anti-slip application.

Any desired color can be applied on the product with digital printing and you can create a carpet model in your dreams through the printing of the patterns that you will choose from hundreds of different designs.

For the product, the printing of which will be made, we prefer the paints that are not harmful to human health and do not contain carcinogenic substances like our other products. .

If you want to have your carpets printed or get information about our printed carpet models, please contact us.