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Carpet cover is our product range which has been seriously demanded in recent times.

Elastic carpet cover is a product used on the carpet.

You can protect your carpets from external factors by covering them. The carpet cover can be washed in the washing machine when it gets dirty and used on the carpet again without being ironed.

We have hundreds of designs in different sizes to be used according to the aisle carpets, guest rooms, sitting rooms, kid’s rooms and bedrooms.

Our printed carpet cover is a product preferred by children’s families because of the hygiene of the carpets and the grounds.

It removes the necessity of washing your carpet. You can use old carpets with new patterns to give a magic touch to your home and you can prevent the obsolescence of your new carpet.

Any desired color can be applied on Welsoft fabrics with digital printing, and in the meantime you can choose the model of carpet cover in your dreams by printing patterns that you will choose from hundreds of designs. Our product is highly demanded by our customers especially with its antibacterial and washable feature which makes our product attractive.

In the production of carper cover, we prefer the paints that are not harmful to human health and do not contain carcinogenic substances like our other products.

If you want to have carpet cover printed or manufactured, please contact us.