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About us

About us

We know that textile business dates back to the ancient times. The main center of the textile is undoubtedly “Bursa”.


Our company has been carrying on a business in the textile sector since 1948 with the motto of “quality manufacturing and fast delivery”.

We are known as “Wholesalers’ Wholesaler” with our past going back many years.

Based on our company’s experience of 66 years, we can say that we are the sole address of Bursa in all kinds of fabric printings – transfer printing, sublimation printing, polyester printing, digital fabric printing.

Transfer printing and sublimation printing are troublesome techniques applied to the fabric. However, our company has deservedly achieved success in all kinds of printings such as both transfer printing and sublimation printing and remained at the top of its field by developing its customer portfolio with great jobs and orders.

The business for fabric transfer is a sector having many different aspects or features as subtypes in its own hierarchy. As a company, our difference is that we value the opinions of our customers instead of just conveying our ideas to you. Consequently, we have been able to work efficiently and achieved great success for many years.

Our company always gives guarantee by saying, “You dream it and we create it”. This is what distinguishes us from other companies. Not only do we make printing on fabric, but we also make meticulously the best printing with different techniques. Bursa is known as a textile center so the words of fabric and printing evoke the company of Kumaş Transfer as well.

We use advanced technology infrastructure in every type of fabric printing. We make the best printing on the most suitable fabric. We have a very good working site along with our well-qualified and experienced staff. Our quality control personnel examine each product in advance and avoid observantly any possible mistakes. This case brings success in product range with higher quality and quantity.


It is not enough to apply only printing on the fabric. Our company also aims at appealing to all segments and pleasures. We have produced different patterns and graphics with years of experiences by having done a lot of research. We have a very extensive and comprehensive archive of design and pattern that can be unique in the sector. We therefore gain the best advantage by standing out among the other companies.


We have converted the colorful world and design of the fabrics into the art with the high technology infrastructure used in printing, pattern and graphic. We, as a company, conduct business lovingly and faithfully and give particular importance to our customers’ satisfaction.


When we mention the company of Kumaş Transfer, the best pattern, printing and quality come to mind.